Resdev Goes Vertical Too!

Take a closer look at our range of vertical coatings, developed for use on walls and coves. They’re ideal for applications and environments including food preparation, general engineering, plant rooms, storage areas, factory production, warehousing and dustproofing, and have even been used in boarding kennels where they provide quick, good looking and hygienic solutions.

Using our expertise in the development of epoxy resin technology, these vertical coatings include a water-dispersed option ideal for application onto ‘green’ concrete. They’re easy to apply too, using a brush, roller or airless spray.

Resdev’s vertical coatings for walls and coves are available in a wide range of standard colours with either a silk or gloss finish depending upon the chosen product.


Resdev Pumacoat MP

Resdev Pumacoat MP is a single pack exterior quality water-based paint based on acrylic resin technology, helping the finished product stay cleaner for longer. Suitable for external use, it can be used on any plaster/cementitious substrate (vertical or horizontal).

Pumacoat MP provides an attractive and colourful finish with no associated odour. The coating is hardwearing, tough and resilient as well as being seamless for added hygiene, and is easy to clean and maintain. It is resistant to UV yellowing, and as a single pack product has all the advantages of ‘seal and re-use’ to eliminate waste.


Resdev Pumatect P

Pumatect V is a high build chemically resistant epoxy coating with a gloss coloured or clear smooth finish, providing maximum protection with a minimum number of coats. Exhibiting high levels of abrasion resistance, it can be used with Pumaflor resin flooring to produce a continuous seamless finish onto vertical surfaces.

Pumatect V does not require a primer and adheres well to concrete, render, brickwork, blockwork and other surfaces. Where concrete is weak or porous, priming with Pumaprime SF yields excellent results.

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